Tuesday, April 23, 2013

On the rise...

At the end of last week, we had a pretty impressive storm move through and dump a considerable amount of rain on the area. Within 24 hours, most of our rivers and streams were on the rise, some big enough that it warranted flash flood warnings and watches. We were really needing a serious flush of most of our river systems so this rain was welcomed with open arms. This event will probably salvage our smallie season for the summer, maybe we will actually be able to float this summer...

Here are a few pictures that JoeyC took of some of the major access points on Elk River. Quite impressive...


  1. Best thing to happen since the drought last summer. I'm ready for some fresh smallies. Just stay tuned to instagram boys (smallie74). Cuz I'm already leading the pack. ;)

  2. Leading the pack? What pack? We have yet to even begin. We have been busy catching 25" brown trout : )

  3. Just remember I catch my pigs on topwater.