Friday, April 19, 2013

Its smallie time...our favorite time of the year!

Its no secret here at CTD that we are big fans of the Smallmouth Bass. They are a bad ass, pure and simple, when it comes to Ozark river bred gamefish! We love them! Honestly, the past few years, trout have just been a "filler" till smallie season kicks off! Once its here, we put away the 5wts, the tiny flies, and thingamobbers in exchange for 6wts and 7wts, big streamers, and topwater bugs. Waders are put away for the season. Its either sandals while we are wet wading or barefoot in the drift boats in the late spring and summer sun with our big palm leaf hats to keep us from getting too burnt!

Well, I think its safe to say that smallie season is here. The spawn has been delayed with these recent random cold fronts and rain events that we keep getting but thats OK because the rain has caused all of our major smallie streams to get a nice rise in flows, totally rejuvenating the fishery for the upcoming summer. JoeyC and The Professor have been out a few times already this spring to one of our local favorite smallie streams (that will be left un-named) and was able to stir up a few really nice fish. I can't wait to get the boat on the water and get after them! Its been a long winter and spring but warmer weather and longer days are finally here. It won't be long and we will be throwing poppers to these brutes full time...then it will really be GAME ON! I'm so over 5X tippet and copper johns...give me some Maxima 15lb and a deer hair popper!

Yup, to hell with trout...let's go bass fishing....

Until next time, keep chasing the dream...


  1. Smallies...poppers...wet wading and a cold beer.
    Damn if that don't sound like a good time!!

  2. I've only caught one Smallmouth in my life and that was by accident. I was fishing for trout with a Panther Martin and when I hooked it I thought I had a ten pound trout on.