Thursday, December 13, 2012

Winter fishing...Ozark style!

During the winter time here in the Ozarks it is a great time to be out chasing the fishes. On a normal rainfall year, our little wild trout creeks are running bank to bank and cold while our winter stocking creeks are getting filled up with fat fish for anglers to chase.

This year is a little different story with our never ending drought that is plaguing us. Lakes, rivers, and creeks are all VERY low which can make the fishing a little tough on us minus if u are wade fishing on one of our tailwaters.

The majority of the crew has been out chasing anything and everything with fur and feathers...mostly feathers! Luckily, our Arkansas CTD rep JoeyC, has been busy putting the creek ninja sneak on a few big rainbows over east. With the creeks being low and super clear, finding these pigs is easy but making a presentation without screwing the pooch is very difficult. JoeyC got the job done though...

Look at the pics and drool...

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