Thursday, December 13, 2012

Quack, honk, bang!

Waterfowl season kicked back off for CTD this past weekend. With it, brought about 1 of our favorite traditions of the year. Duck camp! For the past 4-5 years, a bunch of us get together out in Western Oklahoma to hunt several different locations that we have access to. There is always some good hunting, good times, and lots of great food along with some adult beverages. This year was no different.

I love to fish, no denying it but there is just something about cold mornings, hot coffee, good buddies, whistling wings, and the boom of a shotgun that will pull me from the river. I said I was gonna spend more time fishing this year cuz our winter season is great. Solitude and big fish are the norm. I say it every year...and every year I find myself out in the duck blind. It's the other "dream" that I like to chase...

This is why...

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