Friday, November 2, 2012

T-minus 24 hours and counting...

Tomorrow morning, the other "dream" for a few of us starts. Duck season opens tomorrow and the anticipation is almost killing us. Although, up until this morning, we couldn't find any ducks at all on any of our normal haunts. We were beginning to get discouraged and was contemplating other activities (streamer fishing, deer hunting, etc) but thankfully we found some birds on a new lease we just picked up this week.

Things are looking promising for us so we r gonna give it a shot. I will apologize in advance if the blog suffers due to duck season, it is the only thing that will make me put away the fly rods for an extended period of time. Look for posts of ducks and fish in the coming months.

We r gonna do some filming this year too, so I might be tossing up our first hunting video this winter sometime. On the topic of videos, still have the MT footage to edit and work on so please be patient. We have some really good stuff there...

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