Wednesday, October 31, 2012

4 days...4 rivers...

Recently, our own Corey Dodson (aka The Professor) ventured out for his annual trout tour that we like to call "Fishapolloza". Fishapolloza is simple, cover as much water as possible. This years trip covered venues like the Current, North Fork of the White, and then the White/Norfork tailwaters. The rest of us were jealous...and we still are...

This year, Corey gave himself 4 days to cover these 4 rivers, which allowed him a full day to fish each river and then travel by night. Trout Bums everywhere would be proud to take this trip. Corey went prepared as he had the kayak loaded up on top and the Hyde drifter in tow behind the ol' Toyota for this trip.

Fish were caught and plenty of them. He stuck some holes in a few really nice fish faces too! Browns and rainbows! If there is a guy that is in tune with the fish of the Ozarks, it's this guy. We don't call him The Professor for nothing...


  1. Nice blog with nice photos..keep posting!
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  2. Really nice fish , beautiful cutthroat!
    It was nice to meet you last weekend Corey , enjoyed visiting with you.

  3. good deal, i'll be headed to Arkansas in a few days.