Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Where The Wild Things Are

I have talked about Crane Creek before and how it's as wild as u can get in the Ozarks with it being surrounded with more popular man made trout fisheries with the Taneycomo tailwater to the East and Roaring River to the south so that keeps the fishing pressure down on the creek. I would rather fish Crane any day of the week over those places.

Cole and I decided to check on the little creek after the recent heavy rains we received in the prior weeks. If u can hit it when the water is up and off color, it's nothing short of epic. Well we were just a tad late for those conditions as the creek had dropped to fairly low flows. We weren't discouraged by the conditions though as we geared up and headed downstream.

We started at my favorite section of this creek which begins in an urban setting at a city park but then quickly turns wild as you make your way down the railroad tracks. It then turns into a straight up bush whack as you leave the tracks to hike further downstream. We put in at the end of the public land and began putting our creek ninja assault on the trout.

The bite was steady as we fished our way upstream hitting all the normal haunts that always hold fish. With the lower water, we had to utilize the "Crane Creep" numerous times as we approached certain holes but the fish were willing to cooperate. We brought several of the normal creek dinks to hand as they are always eager to take a fly, no matter how big u go to try to deter them. They have lots of spunk though as they run and jump, making them very entertaining on a 3 weight. We both finally stuck a decent McCloud rainbow towards the end of our hike which capped off a great morning of fishing.

The big fish that Cole brought to the net, I'm almost positive it's the same fish that I caught last year at the same time and from the same hole. It put up the same ignorant fight as I had to chase it all over the creek trying to land it! Cole was stoked to finally hold a true 100% wild McCloud trophy rainbow!!

All in all, it was a great day on one of only a few creeks in the Ozarks where the wild things are...

Until next time, keep chasing the dream...

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