Saturday, April 7, 2012

Godspeed Jose Wejebe

Yesterday was a very sad day in the world of fly fishing when reports came back that Jose Wejebe, host of the long running fishing show Spanish Fly, tragically died in a plane crash in Florida. I'm not sure if any specific details have been released on what happened to his plane but early reports said that his plane went down shortly after take off. I'm not claiming to personally know the guy but I grew up watching his show religiously on ESPN and continued watching it when it moved to the Outdoor Channel. He was a great host on his show and a great ambassador to the sport of fly fishing. From what I have heard, he was one of the few fishing TV personalities who was the same in person as well as on camera. He will be missed greatly by everyone in the fly fishing world. Godspeed....

R.I.P Jose Wejebe

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