Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The "Other" White River

I finally took the time a while back to sit down with all of our footage from the NFOW over the past few months to create the newest CTD video. Our last couple of videos have been short due to lack of footage available but this wasn't the case with this video. I had tons of footage to work with so the video is considerably longer than our previous videos. We have wild Ozark rainbows, streamer crushing brown trout, low water bridges, turtle ropin', and lots of great shots of our favorite river in Missouri. Please watch in full HD if at all possible...

The video has got a lot of positive feedback and various people have graciously shared it on their Facebook pages, blogs, and websites. We really appreciate all the support and interweb love you have given us. A big shout out to these guys...


  1. Time for ya'll to make some decals and shirts. Gonna post this on and spread the news. smallieninja put me onto articulated flies which shows along with this video, you guys know your stuff.

  2. We already have some basic decals made up. We don't have an "official" logo yet to create shirts though. We've been at this for a while. LOL, not our 1st rodeo.

  3. Check out our other videos. You will enjoy. Our video from our trip to Montana is pretty legit too. We will be doing a smallmouth video later this summer after we acquire some footage.