Tuesday, February 19, 2013

McClouds in the Ozarks!

Not a lot has been going on with CTD the past couple weeks since our botched streamer trip to the White. Everyone has had BS grown up responsibilities to take care of and I guess that's just the way the world is. At some point in time, u gotta take care of business and be a grown up. I say screw all that noise any chance I get these days, which is few and far between. Anyways, to the fishing...

The Professor got out and about this weekend for a day and checked on one of our little wild trout streams in the area. The drought has really put a strain on these little watersheds this year but they keep surviving thankfully. This place in particular is a jewel and has a cool story. Originally stocked by railcar in the late 1800s and last stocked in the 1920s, these McCloud strain rainbows have lived down and thrive in this little stream. Some say their strain is even more pure than the what lives in the McCloud river currently. Sssshhhh, don't repeat that to anyone, sure would hate to get some California fish hippy butt hurt at us.

CoreyD was able to put some nice McClouds in the net after venturing down to the lower stretches of the stream. The guy really does have this stream dialed in. He is one of the "chosen ones" as I like to say for this creek. We love this place and hope everyone who fishes it shows the place some respect. Practice catch and release, pick up some trash, etc.

Ok, I'm done being a little sappy about the creek. Lets move on...

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