Monday, February 25, 2013

Downtown Fly Fishing...

A few of us couldn't stand it any longer. We had to get out on the water and do some fishing...somewhere and somehow! After a few text messages were exchanged, a plan of attack was hatched amongst us. DonnyB, Squatch, and myself would ascend upon the polluted waters of the Arkansas River in the Tulsa city limits amongst the melting pot of gear fisherman in hopes of finding....well, anything. When you fish the Arkansas River, you honestly never know what you're gonna catch. There are the quality fish...stripers, white bass, hybrids, Kentucky bass, etc. Then there are all the "trash" fish...carp, buffalo, bowfin, skipjack, drum, etc. Shit, we have accidently hooked spoonbill before while stripping clousers for white bass below the low water dam. Its a freak show down there sometimes. You never know what you're gonna find in the river too. So much trash and junk ends up in the river. The first time I ever fished it, I spent most of my time perched up on an ol' Chevy 350 engine block in the middle of the river. I'm not even kidding...

So...the fishing....was slow. The water temps were super cold and the river was super low. We were hoping that the warm and sunny 60 degree day would stir the white bass up for us. We dredged the normal holes with clousers, deceivers, and various other streamers. We were able to pull some white bass out of a couple different holes and DonnyB even picked up a few bonus Kentucky bass. It was a good day to get out and take a look at what the river was looking like for the upcoming striper run too. I took the GoPro along as well, got some footage, and will hopefully toss up some video goodness this week at some point.


  1. I know JUST how you feel! I am dying to get on the water. The shad should start here in the Susquehana and Delaware Rivers in a few weeks. Then it will be several weeks of sleep deprivation fishing at zero dark thirty so I can get to the office on time.

  2. YOu guys took the MT trip, now when in the Wy - Green River trip?

  3. We get this rain once a week and the generations will ramp up. The Stripers will start running and then it's " Show Time " !!