Thursday, January 10, 2013

Time to scratch the itch...

Well duck season is finally winding down for us. Just a few more weeks left for us to chase the winged SOBs. With this time period, we start getting the "itch". We start checking daily water flows and generation schedules, reading fishing reports and blogs, and watching the latest fishing videos to hit the interwebs.

Following this, the guys start dusting off the tying desks and filling their vises with hooks to wrap feathers around. I'm not talking size 18 hooks to tie midges...I'm talking big f'ing hooks to wrap half a chicken around.

I have rallied the troops and got the 1st "big" fishing trip planned for an expedition to the tailwaters of Arkansas in hopes of sticking a few big brown trout faces.

Streamer season is upon us out here...

And I'm not talking your grandfathers streamers. The wooly bugger can kiss my ass...

We r preparing...


  1. We are going to host another cook-out on Friday night. I will email you the details and location, won't be quite as gourmet as the last one...but it will be good.


  2. Come to California. We fish 24/7/365.