Monday, July 23, 2012

Taney Time!

We talk a lot about our 2 favorite tailwaters in Arkansas, the White River and Norfork River, over here at CTD. Rightfully so, they are both amazing fisheries. All four species of trout can be caught on both rivers, awesome fish per mile numbers, and both qualify as trophy fisheries. There is another tailwater in the Ozarks that kinda takes a backseat to those fisheries, mainly due to one reason. Its located right outside of Branson, MO which attracts tons of tourists every year due to various attractions. To say that it can get "crowded", is an understatement, especially during low water conditions. The amount of total jackasses that patrol the waters any day of the week during the tourist season can almost make a common man commit murder. There is also the "Outlet Elite", these are fisherman who camp out at the hatchery discharge outlets and force feed fish an egg pattern that looks like fish food. Call me high and mighty if you want, but it is pure chaos down there sometimes. Despite all this, it is a pretty bad ass tailwater that is loaded with feisty fat rainbows and some monster brown trout. This other tailwater is Lake Taneycomo, or as most locals/regulars like to call it, "Taney".

We usually will take a few trips a year to Taney to go night fishing in the trophy section below the dam but this year, it just hasnt quite worked out to where we could make a trip over there. CoreyD, on the other hand, lives within 2 hours of Taney though so he loaded up the Hyde and headed for Taney last sunday. So far this year, we have had some great luck on chucking streamers to the trout masses and this continued on sunday for Corey. Despite the hot weather and sunny conditions, The Professor put a bunch of good rainbows in the boat along with a brown or two to boot. Only got a few pics so here's your small daily dose of fish porn...

Meat BS mayfly for these fish...

Like always, keep chasing the dream...


  1. Taney does have it's problems but when the weather is bad all those tourist stop hanging around and you can get some good time on the water!

  2. Killer blog man , looks like you guys get out just a little!! As far as Taney...the place that I love to hate. My two biggest browns both came from that tailwater and I've had some of my best days fishing a tailwater right there. It's been several years since I've fished it much though , too many assholes in whorvis waders with no respect for other fishermen , sad really.
    I'm gonna throw a link up to your page on my site , it's always nice to see some pics of "local" pigs and it seems you guys stick your share.

  3. @Kevin...I totally agree with you on the winter time fishing. Its not near as bad. I also enjoy night fishing down there with streamers. As they say, "The Tug is the Drug!"

    @HighPlains...thanks for the comments! I will throw up a link to your blog on here as well since you're showing us some interweb love!

  4. I'll put a link up on my site How do you like that camera I'm looking to get a new one?

  5. I love it. They are a bad ass camera for anything u wanna do outdoors. Only bad thing is u really need to spend the $$$ to get all the accessories to really make the camera worthwhile. And u will want a few extra batteries and at least a 16GB SD card or two. A 32 GB card is better. That HD footage eats batteries and card space but it's so worth it!