Monday, May 28, 2012

Who needs trout?

Here at CTD, we spend much of our time on the water going after 2 species of fish in our region. During the winter and spring, we are in pursuit of trout on any of the miles of trout streams found in the Ozarks while during summertime we will chase smallmouth on the fly. To fill in the gaps between these trips, we have a local fishery that can deliver a smorgasbord of fish species that can all be caught on the fly. We mostly fish this river for stripers during the spring and early summer when they make their spawning run but you never quite know what you're gonna hook up with on this river...

That was the plan for the day when we decided to do some fishing on Memorial Day. We got on the water early to try to beat the bait bucket brigade to the primo holes and hopefully find some stripers feeding in the early morning hours. We struck out on the striper bite but what we got in exchange was pretty freaking sweet...

We spent the next few hours hooking up with just about everything that swims in this river. We like to joke about getting the "Trash Slam" on this fishery, well we more than covered it by all the species we caught. If my memory serves me correct, we caught a ton of sauger and white bass along with some drum, kentucky bass, spotted tail gar, and even some small channel catfish...all on the fly! Not a bad way to spend a morning all the while having the downtown skyline in sight. 

Until next time, keep chasing the dream...


  1. Your memory must be failing you in your old age, you forgot about the crappie.

  2. nice fish man. The freshwater drum is probably one of my favorite off species of fish to catch. I call them off species because i never really specifically target them, but they will crush a fly and put up a great fight. Nice chunk of a spotted bass, he is fat.

  3. My buddy had an awesome fight with the drum. They r bad ass fish. We were throwing 8wts that day, I wish we woulda been using our 6wts cuz we really woulda had a blast. Good times!