Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tying Tuesday cancelled for F3T!

I apologize for there not being a Tying Tuesday post yesterday but CTD was somewhat "busy" with attending the F3T venue in Fayetteville. We took off early from work and made a pit stop at McLellans Fly Shop to visit with Michael and Brock for a bit. Obviously, if you spend an hour in a fly're gonna buy something! We all walked outta there with an assortment of tying materials that we cant buy local here in Tulsa so we did our good deed of the day by supporting our local fly shop! We grabbed some grub after that before heading for the theater to wait for the doors to open.

Just to sum up the F3T, it was freaking AWESOME. We had an awesome time and go to meet a lot of cool people. Most of the films were nothing short of amazing. Cant wait for the full feature films to come out on a few of them. My personal favorites were "Sipping Dry" and "The Kodiak Project", hands down were the best films I believe. The crowd favorite was probably "Doc of the Drakes", which was very good. When the ol' guy finally hooked up with a HUGE brown during a MASSIVE drake hatch on Silver Creek, I thought we were gonna blow the roof off the place. It was very cool.

I highly recommend checking out the F3T Tour if you get the chance. Lots of free schwag is given away and lots of drawings for sick gear. The whole show is a very cool experience.

So go and check it out!

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