Friday, November 20, 2009

Some new fly fishing films...

I've basically become a fly fishing film junkie here recently as I buy just about any "adventure based" film I can find and there is a lot of them out there and more to be released! When you can't fish, a good flick can really pass the time especially with all this crap weather we've been getting lately here in the Ozark area. I've got my hands on 2 new movies in the past month or so with both of them being absolutely amazing...

The 1st of the two films is "Nervous Waters" by Beattie Outdoor Productions. This film is actually a collection of 4 full-length films and several short films that R.A. Beattie has filmed/produced over the past few years. The feature film is the titled one, "Nervous Water", which showcases several different locations ranging from Colorado to New Zealand to Louisiana. Its a good film but I actually prefer 2 of the other films to it. One of those two is "First Decent" which chronicles Beattie's journey down a un-named tributary in Alaska as they are the 1st ones to ever float this river. Its awesome seeing what they went through to get down this river plus all the fish they catch. Lake trout, big rainbows, salmon, and Arctic char are all caught on the fly.

This film also contains several short films that are absolutely fantastic...with a few of them being incredibly hilarious! Its very cool to see some creative style in fly fishing media today where for the longest time all you could get was the stupidly boring "How-To" vids that everyone just loves! This movie is definitely worth checking out. Just for the sake of a gets 2 thumbs up! (Sarcasm)

The next movie is "Rise" from Confluence Films. They released the highly popular movie, "Drift", last year and the company has done it again with their new film. "Rise" basically highlights several individuals with their respective locations and why they love fly fishing so much. It ranges from Florida to Patagonia to Idaho and is a cinematic masterpiece. It explores the "why" of fly fishing, with each individual expressing their deepest connections to the sport and the locations that they fish. My personal favorite is the Patagonia and Henry's Fork chapters of the movie.

In an industry where many films are trying to follow in the footsteps of the "Trout Bum Diaries"...Confluence Films breaks the mold and blazes a new path with their films. Their movies are on the top of my doubt about it.

I highly recommend going out and buying these 2 movies, especially going into the winter time. When you can't fish, can't handle tying another size 20 Adams, and you're out of whiskey to wash away your sorrows....these movies will get you through the tough times. Trust me...

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