Friday, September 18, 2009

Rain, Rain....Go Away!

Well, it has rained something like 16 days straight here in NE Oklahoma. I feel like I'm in Seattle. Its quite depressing. The local waters are flooded and most of the tailwaters are generating almost 24/7 to get the lakes to power-pool level. Its getting out of hand. I'm hoping for a break in the weather this weekend to hopefully squeeze in some fishing on the lower illinois monday morning, but we'll see how that goes. All a man can do is cross his fingers and pray...

On a more positive note, I've got a Cast n' Blast trip scheduled for next weekend in Missouri. The plan is to shoot geese in the mornings and catch trout in the evenings on Taneycomo...lets just hope the weather holds out for us! Its getting close to when we start seeing those monster brown trout run upriver to spawn. I can't wait! Hopefully there's a few big fish already upstream, as I'm hoping to get some night-time streamer fishing in while we're at Taneycomo.

Only time will tell....but a man must hope for the best!

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